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Hire a Moving Company or Do It Yourself?

by User Not Found | Nov 24, 2019


To hire or not to hire, that is the question. When in the process of moving, you are flooded with an array of unforeseen expenses. It can add up rapidly and during a time when you are already experiencing significant change. When debating about hiring a moving company or doing it yourself, consider the following queries:

  • Your Strength – Firstly, it’s a great starting point to consider your own bodily strength and how much you can lift. If it’s less than 40-pounds, the answer to hiring movers may be simplified for you.
  • Your People – If your people, (i.e. your friends and family) are able to assist you in the move, perhaps you won’t require the investment of an entire moving company. Consider purchasing a couple of pizzas and beer for everyone that comes over to help you knock out this move in a day. That meal will cost significantly less than a moving crew, and the memories could be quite beautiful as you welcome this new home into your life with your favorite people.
  • Your Possessions’ Fragility – If your home is filled with heavy trunks, glass figurines, or breakable family heirlooms, you may not want to trust your friends (or even yourself!) to handle the move alone. If your home is filled with cherished treasures, don’t allow just anyone to move them. Pay a little more for a mover that will bubble wrap and meticulously move everything on your behalf. It will be worth it when your delicate belongings aren’t ruined.
  • Your Expendable Income – If you have very little money left after the move, which can easily happen when so many expenses are arising all at once, this also may answer the question of hiring on your behalf. The answer could be made simple if there is not enough expendable income for movers. Lookup the price for renting your own U-Haul van which can often be much cheaper (around $100 a day with gas-refill) which could be much less than professional movers.

The Average Mover Cost? It will greatly depend on your location, how many objects you have to move, how much heavy furniture you have, how many pianos, how many floors, how far you’re traveling, etc. But most movers will charge something like:

  • $60 per hour with a 3-hour minimum and $100 insurance
  • Or $30 per mover per hour (often requiring between 2-4 movers)

Essentially - If they are spending a few hours with you, they will find a way to make a few hundred. And if you are hiring someone to wrap everything for you carefully, or move it across state lines, this can easily cost closer to $1,000.

You will want to request a mover at least a week or two out from your moving date. If traveling out of state, you may need to request a mover more than a month in advance.

The Bottom Line

Ultimately, it will cost much less to move everything yourself, but it will take more:

  • Energy
  • Muscle
  • Willpower
  • Tenacity
  • Sweat rags
  • Support from loved ones

You probably know intuitively by now which option is the best for your personal case. But your options are:

  1. If you have enough perseverance to do it yourself, save the hundreds and manage on your own.
  2. If it doesn’t seem worth the exhaustion, pay someone to move it and arrive at your home without breaking a sweat!

Trust your instinct and focus on the new memories ahead of you at your new home.  Moving is a painful process but only a temporary one, and it’s absolutely worth the work to have a fresh start.

From all of us at Energy To Go, Happy moving and don’t work too hard!