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Before Switching Electricity Companies – Read This!

by User Not Found | Jan 31, 2020


Consumers switch their electric and energy providers every day. What they don’t realize in doing this is the incredible variations and changes that could be made as a result of the switch, some of which they were not prepared to agree to.

If you or a loved one is considering switching electricity suppliers, some tips to keep in mind are:

  • First, Check Your Contract – Before making any moves, you need to pull up the email copy of your energy plan and confirm how long you are contractually obligated to your supplier. If you are bound to a contract, you could face penalties and fees for requesting to cancel.
  • Find the Sweet Spot – There is usually a short duration of time in the contract which will state that you are able to cancel within XYZ bounds. For example, it may say that there are no termination fees if you cancel, ‘no sooner than 2 weeks before your plan expires). Find this terminology in your contract and plan out your 1-2-week duration of escape! Some plans allow you to switch at any time so simply be aware of what you are contractually obligated to.
  • Consider Free Weekends – Many energy providers offer a ‘Free Night or Weekend’ plan which can offer you astronomical savings! Be careful to read about the rates during weekdays/afternoons as sometimes providers will skyrocket these rates to counterbalance the discounted nights/weekends. If you can plan your energy use around the free hours, the savings are easily found.
  • Consider Your Lifestyle – When choosing a plan, don’t look for what appears to be the cheapest on paper. There will often be hidden fees or hours which cost more. Consider your lifestyle, when you are away from home during the day, when you use the most energy, and where you require the most savings. Find a plan that literally aligns best with your schedule.
  • Consider Utility – Purchasing electricity from your utility provider could be a huge saving and oftentimes they offer, ‘price-lock.’ This means that your rate is guaranteed to stay the same and you won’t have surprises on your future bills, and you will always be offered a fixed price.
  • Check Your Regulation – We are located in Texas and 85% of Texas is deregulated presently (except for a few major cities like Austin, El Paso, and San Antonio). Deregulation means that energy/electric providers are able to offer a lower price to customers and amenities like free weekends. If you are in a regulated state, confirm with your present provider what your options are.

Your electricity switch can be quite simple, and no rewiring should be required. It should only take a phone call and around 20 minutes to switch your energy provider.

To switch you will simply need your Utility Account Number (easily found on your last monthly bill).

We offer the highest quality product and service on the market and sincerely care about your home. Call us with any questions you have regarding your home’s energy use or if you’re ready to make the switch today!