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Why You Should Switch to a Smart Thermostat – Let’s Compare Savings!

by User Not Found | Apr 16, 2020

Since your home’s energy bill is predominantly influenced by your heating and cooling, wouldn’t you like a thermostat to offer you global control, year-round savings, and schedule changes for you without any fuss?

If you haven’t heard about smart thermostats, or you’re curious and considering making the switch, here are the major differences between this smart-stat, and your home’s original thermostat.

The Advantages of a Smart Thermostat

  1. You Control it From Anywhere – If you’ve left for your Summer home in France or flown to Dubai, you don’t want to realize you’ve left your house freezing cold (also known as – incredibly expensive)! With the click of an app, you can reset your temperature from anywhere in the world, offering you control of your home at any time, from anywhere. If you have multiple homes or travel often, this is a serious game changer for peace of mind as well as savings.
  2. Your Home Tracks Itself – Wouldn’t it be nice if the oven could say, ‘Dinner’s ready, hurry up, don’t burn the pizza!’ Or your laundry could say, ‘pressed and folded!’ We’re not quite there in the technology race, but your Smart thermostat is! You can receive email alerts that will alert you when something odd is happening, power is disconnected, or any extreme changes outside of your pre-determined settings. Has your home ever communicated with you or helped you to track your energy use like this?
  3. It Learns About You – Your regular thermostat doesn’t know when you go to work or when you’re coming home. But your smart thermostat can easily be programmed to turn the temperature slightly up when you’re at work, and then start to cool the home off again an hour or so before everyone returns home. This thermostat is capable of learning your patterns and helping you get the most out of those habits. The savings here alone could be astronomical and it’s all automated leaving you with nothing to do except collect the savings.
  4. Lower Your Carbon Footprint – With most smart thermostats saving your home about 10-20% of energy use each year, imagine the compounding effects no the environment if everyone lowered their energy use this significantly. The perk of this product is being able to schedule, track, and understand your energy use, which helps you to lower it, save money, and help the environment. It’s a Win-Win-Win!
  5. Savings - The language that everyone speaks – money. The real kicker with the smart thermostats is that you are conserving more energy which is keeping your wallet nice and chunky. The EPA Energy Star Program states that, “homeowners can save up to $180 annually by installing an internet-connected thermostat. Assuming the EPA’s math is right, a thermostat could pay for itself in just a year or two.”

Let’s do the math:

At $120 per year on average for a Smart Thermostat

Times 20 years of use 

= Approximately $3,600 Savings across 20 years

That’s enough to take a trip to Europe or see a place you’ve never traveled to.

Don’t worry if you forget to turn up the thermostat, your smart thermostat has you covered!

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