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Interested in Joining HOA? –Here’s Why You Should!

by User Not Found | Oct 14, 2020

Serving on your neighborhood’s HOA (Homeowner’s Association) is a responsibility that not every resident is cut out for. It will be a time commitment and you’ll have to have thick skin, but there are advantages to serving on your neighborhood’s board.

Why You Should Join Your HOA

  • You have a voice within your community – If you have a brilliant idea, a personality for leadership and you just want to see your neighborhood thrive, you should absolutely join the HOA! You want to help your community and have your voice be heard where it counts, so this is the place to create action from those concepts. Perhaps you want to clean up the pool, protect property values, or reduce littering in your area. Bring your ideas to the place where implementation can be truly initiated!
  • You’re a Problem Solver – If you love to get to the thick of things and create a resolution where problems lie, the HOA is a great place to do this! If you can take problems in stride and handle multiple (even dozens) of upset neighbors each with their own issue, this could be the right avenue for you to help your community.
  • You’ll Become a Better Leader – This is a side effect of having to deal with a large variety of problems within your neighborhood. Problem resolution will become second nature and you will be less afraid to face these predicaments head-on.

In summary - Serving on your HOA will help you to have your ideas heard, help others to solve their problems, and make your community a better place with your unique input!  It’s better to have a voice then just be told what’s expected of you. If you prefer to have some control over your jurisdiction, the HOA is the place for you!

Why You Should NOT Join Your HOA

  • Personal Vendettas - You shouldn’t join your HOA if you want to push your own agenda or have bad-blood with one of the neighbors. Although it may seem in your interest to gain a voice of power against a local vendetta, this is not a good enough reason to take on the responsibility of an HOA member and will most likely backfire. You are in a position of power and this will not always be pretty, but don’t make it harder than it should be by going in with ill-intentions.
  • You Want to Be Heard – In all honesty, there are better places to seek power. If you want your voice to be heard, speak up to your family, create more synergy at work, start a community group with your friends about ideas you’re passionate about. But if you just want your voice to be heard, the HOA won’t be the most fulfilling place to accomplish this endeavor. Being slightly power-hungry is not a bad thing and actually may serve you beautifully in aspects of life. But you probably won’t be satisfied by the suburbia-wins like fence height and trash schedules, related to HOA. If it’s about being seen, look elsewhere for what your soul is really craving.

Being an HOA member is a tough gig where you won’t please everyone, so don’t take things personally or make it about anyone person (including yourself).

The HOA is about community and having thick enough skin to help everyone, regardless of your personal feelings. If you can put the community first and adapt to the neighborhood’s needs, you might be more ready than you think.

How to Join

As an HOA member, you are a community volunteer so all you’ll have to do is reach out to the front office at the clubhouse of your neighborhood. This is a huge perk of being on the HOA – to meet people! So ask around, talk to people about what being on the HOA in your neighborhood is like, and why you think you’d be a great fit.

Even if you don’t want to hold the power of a board position, go to your HOA meetings and vote. Even as a resident, you can speak your opinions, vote on important issues, and get to know neighbors in your area.