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What Impact Can Your Business Have by Going Green?

by User Not Found | Nov 18, 2020


Going green isn’t solely good for the planet, it’s also good for your business’s expense account, productivity, and overall efficiency! The powers of our environmentally-aware shift continue to set a precipice for how business should be conducted.

If you are a business owner, you know first-hand how suddenly expenses can start to add up. But what if you could lower your carbon footprint, lower pollution and toxic emission that you’re breathing in, while also saving your business money?

You may imagine that going green means working in the dark, washing your hands in 3 seconds, or investing in dozens of windmills around the office. But that simply isn’t the case.

Going green is easier than ever before with modernization making green-business more affordable, more readily available, and more advantageous than history has ever permitted.

Not only were those in the former century unaware of the damage they were doing (think of examples like everyone in the 1950s smoking cigarettes on planes, in offices, in hospitals, etc.) And this isn’t to blame them for not knowing better, only to acknowledge that we’ve come a long way in a very short amount of time regarding our collective-awareness of global impact.

Luckily for you, that means you can easily incorporate small changes that will offer numerous benefits, as compared to only recently when these tools and awareness were not at our disposal.  

What Are the Benefits of Going Green?

To list a few of the advantages (which are all simpler than you may be imagining, as covered in the next section), the benefits of going green include but are not limited to the following:

  • You Will Save Money – This can be as simple as downloading applications like Skype to speak to your team over the internet and avoid gas/pollution/emissions. You can also utilize apps like Carma Carpooling to accomplish this same pollution-reduction or Waterprint for tracking your water consumption.

    Many states also offer tax advantages and incentives on solar and renewable energy sources, such as the 26% Tax Incentive in Texas which you can only collect until 2021. 

  • Customers Love It – Generation Z and Millennials are known for key characteristics and identifiers that make them very unique compared to their older predecessors. The younger generations are choosing to support businesses based on their core motivators such as: Supporting things that are authentic, adventurous, sustainable, honest, and environmentally-friendly. These are the qualities they will be looking for and many of them care very much who they give their support to.

    You will notice that many of America’s youth detest slimy sales techniques and avoid anything that feels like deception. They want real, honest, and green. As Generation Z accounts for $44 billion of the nation’s current spending power, while the Millennials $600 billion per year, they are two target audiences that you should be paying attention to. Especially since the easiest way to reach them is through social media, where advertising is revolutionarily free.

  • Employees Love It – Everyone is attracted to doing more, and this can often give your brand the edge that it needs to stand out in a plethora of businesses doing things the easy, cheap, and destructive way. You’re also able to offer more telecommuting for work that can be done from home to reduce traffic on the road, vehicle emissions, and save everyone’s time.

    No employee will decline a video-message over 2-hours of getting dolled up to sit in traffic, so you won’t hear any complaints from the team. It also inspires them to be apart of a brand that wants to do more than the bare minimum. Be the team that strives for more and incorporate social-responsibility.

  • You’re Saving the Planet – Of course not on your own, but this is a larger problem than anyone corporation can fix. It will truly take everyone banding together to create change and shift our current reality. As things currently stand, landfills are filled with 5-pounds of trash per day per person, which is causing it to overflow with 251 million tons of consumer waste!

    The real detriment of landfills is not that we are filling them too quickly, which we are, but it is the greenhouse gas emissions that are creating a methane-overload to our atmosphere. If you think all of the recent hurricanes, tsunamis, floods, and other strange environmental disasters are a coincidence, think again.

    Best Methods to Make My Business Greener?

    Some of the best tips we can offer you for smoothly making the shift to a greener business are:

  • Turn off your lights in rooms – Consider that a 75-watt bulb burning for 5 hours is using 375-watt hours of electricity. That adds up quickly when your employees aren’t even in the room to enjoy it. Consider making the switch to motion-detection lights that will automatically turn off shortly after people leave the room.
  • Save on printing by always refilling your ink cartridges or recycling the plastic rather than always purchasing new.
  • Don’t collect plastic sacks when you shop. Bring your own reusable bags for any delivery or waste that you could reduce in packaging.
  • Have the team carpool more often to reduce the number of carbon emissions and traffic pollution, also while saving gas.
  • Smartly purchase products to clean the office, snacks eat around the office, etc. that are not filled with plastic or harmful chemicals. Look for brands where you can understand the names of the ingredients and products listed. If it looks like a foreign language of biologically artificial sludge, it probably is. You are looking for minimal packaging, no plastic waste, and natural ingredients.
  • Put out more apples and produce, less vending machine snacks covered in plastic packaging.
  • Don’t allow leaky faucets or toilets to drip which wastes over 1 trillion gallons of water annually in the US, according to
  • Try to keep things digital where you can, reducing your paper and printing waste. This will greatly reduce your overhead as well as reducing expensive printer ink and maintenance costs.
  • Switch to natural lighting or LED lights that burn 30% less than incandescent lights while also lasting around 2000% longer. Many LED lights will last for over 2 decades, and for an entire corporation, the savings can be thousands.
  • Seek out further rebates. Similar to the Tax credit in Texas, there are increasing numbers of federal reductions that you are welcome to if you only seek them out. Check for energy eligibility and other ways to reduce your bills for incredible long-term savings.
  • Recycle, recycle, recycle! And encourage everyone in your corporation to take on this moral and planetary responsibility as well.
  • Partner with other green brands to support their mission. The less being contributed to those corporations that do things with profit-orientation as their predominant motivator, the better.

All of these steps can lower your business’s cost of operations, making the margin for profit even more possible in every industry.