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The Importance of AutoPay and Paperless Billing

by User Not Found | Feb 04, 2021


If you haven’t made the switch to autopay or paperless billing, you’re doing things the hard way, perhaps missing payments, worrying more about it than you should, and wasting paper which is killing around 4 billion trees per year in America alone, and lowering the world’s oxygen supply.

Scary stuff, and it’s all a rippling effect that trickles down to effect something else. “Americans save 452,819 trees per year for every 5 percent of households that switch to electronic bills, statements and payments,” according to PayItGreen. 

If you’re not convinced by the environmental shifts alone, here are the reasons you should switch to autopay and paperless billing.

What’s in It for You:

  • Convenience! - You don’t have to remember when bills are due, they pay themselves! Simply link up the card you want used and the minimum payment will be submitted on that day each month. You don’t have to deal with envelopes, the post office, papers all over your desk, and the stress of remembering when every bill comes due! Shouldn’t this alone convince you that you’re doing things the hard way?
  • Less Cluttered Home – Get rid of the clutter and file-cabinets overpouring that are causing you headaches. Create electrical copies that are backed up on a hard-drive.
  • More Secure – If you are still sending your bills in by paper, anyone could snag that envelope, remove the check, or do what they want with your personal financial and security information. It is significantly more secure to send it digitally and directly to the company in an encrypted file that is protected from hackers.
  • Faster - A letter could just go missing and then your bill will be late, power turned off, and the check will remain missing. It also takes days or weeks to mail compared to the immediacy of an auto-bill which is usually paid overnight.
  • Reducing Waste – Statistics have found that, “by eliminating paper bills, payments, and statements alone, the average household would save 6.6 pounds of paper each year, avoid the release of 171 pounds of greenhouse gases and 63 gallons of wastewater, and cut gas consumption by 4.5 gallons.”
  • Saving The Future - Greenhouse Gases are now, “43% stronger than in 1990, according to a new report by the American Meteorological Society released Monday,” according to a 2019 piece by CNN. With greenhouse gases and landfill emissions being the top causes of global warming, we all need to do a little better to create a bigger change. Something needs to shift because with the direction things are moving since 1990,  even Live Science states that, “by 2050, human civilization will crumble.”We understand, sometimes it’s just nice to have a piece of paper and see it physically before you. You may not be able to 100% make the switch to digital, but any reduction in your paper use will be better than no reduction!
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