Why do you need another provider?

$1 Million

There are one million reasons to sign up with Pulse Power — we will be paying out $1 million in total enrollment bonuses in 2019 and 2020.

Management Team

You know us! We’ve assembled a team of pros from the energy, technology, and oil & gas fields. We have the knowledge and experience you need.

Innovative Products

Thermostats, air filters, LED lighting, HVAC audits, time-of-use rates, and even crypto-currency: Pulse Power will have it all.

Multiple Brands

Pulse Power was created with brokers in mind. We have five separate brands in Texas, so there is no channel conflict with brokers and house brands.

World-Class Partners

No antiquated legacy systems here. Starting fresh, we picked the best tech, processes, and vendors in order to ensure an incredible customer experience.

Payment Options

No two brokers are alike, so why be tied to just one compensation plan? Pulse offers multiple payment options for upfront and residual commissions.

So many great ways to connect your customers to Pulse Power

Promo Code

The simplest method – you give out a unique code to your customers, which gives them a discounted rate. They enter the promo code on the Pulse website when they start enrollment.

Pop Link

Pulse will provide you a unique link that you can add to your email signature or link from your website. When a customer clicks on the link, it will automatically add the promo code to the enrollment.

Landing Page

Pulse will create a co-branded landing page as an extension of the Pulse website. You would send your customers there to begin their enrollment journey.


The most advanced method — the customer enrolls on your website and data is exchanged via API calls. Requires Pulse regulatory review and sign-off.