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Change your light bulbs to LEDs. 



Automate lights and fixtures using timers or smart devices.



Use natural light whenever possible. 



Seal cracks, gaps, or leaks you find and add insulation, if needed.



Change your air filters regularly.  



Turn off the lights when you're not in a room. 



Reduce cooling and heating times when possible. Or use a smart thermostat.


Unplug any electronic devices that aren't
being used. Unplug your cell phone
once it's charged.


Wash only full loads of dishes and laundry. 


The impact of Pulse Power 100% renewable energy plan

Is your home on a 100% renewable energy plan from Pulse Power? If not, and the monthly energy usage of your home averages 1,000 kWh, your fossil-sourced plan is responsible for 17,000 pounds of CO2 entering the Earth’s atmosphere every year! You’ll be amazed at how that translates to the number auto miles driven, coal consumed, newspapers recycled and other equivalencies.