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Picking The Right Plan

Shopping for energy can seem overwhelming and picking the right plan can be tricky. That’s why Pulse Power offers you a chance to switch!

If you're not 100% satisfied, you can request a plan change RIGHT HERE.

How Much Electricity Do You Use?

Many electricity plans are formulated based on usage. Check your previous electricity bills to determine the best plan for your household.

Explore Rate Plans Below

Bill Credit

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You receive bill credit amount when you exceed a minimum usage.

Best For: Customers with high usage who enjoy a monthly incentive

Flat Fee


Pay a bundled flat fee for your electricity that includes all charges.

Best For: Customers with VERY high energy usage

Unbundled Fixed


Fixed plan rate with utility charge passed-through at cost

Best For: Customers with variable usage who want a transparent plan

Bundled Fixed

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Fixed all-in energy rates with utility charges included.

Best For: Customers who enjoy a simple and easy-to-read bill

Free Nights

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Nights with zero energy charges from 8PM until 6AM.

Best For: Customers who use a large percentage of their power at night

Free Weekends

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Weekends with FREE energy Friday to Sunday.

Best For: Customer with low weekday energy usage