Smart Meter

  • What is a smart meter?

    Smart meters are the equivalent of a home’s electricity nerve center, connecting it to the smart grid and enabling consumers to have better control over their usage and spending. About 6 million out of the 6.5 million traditional meters in the Texas competitive market have been replaced with smart meters.
  • How is a smart meter different from a traditional meter?

    Traditional meters measure how much electricity your household consumes and require your Transmission and Distribution Service Provider (TDSP) to manually read it. The usage data gathered is reported to your Retail Electric Provider, such as Pulse Power to determine your usage for the month. Smart meters capture data every 15 minutes, giving you consistent information about your electricity usage. As a result, action can be taken almost immediately to reduce consumption and cost.
  • What tools does Pulse Power offer to utilize the benefits of smart meter technology?

    Manage your account online and view and compare your electricity usage by the hour, day, week and month.

  • Who do I contact if I have a question about my smart meter?

    Please contact the local wires company serving your area regarding specific smart meter questions. Your local wires company is responsible for transmitting and delivering electricity to your home along the electrical poles and wires.